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Dear athletes,

Some very important information for you for the Triathlon on May 11, 2024

Attention: For the 1/43/10km distance the same description applies, but there is only 1 lap for each leg to be completed.

Weather: it seems to be pleasant, friendly and sunny this time ..... so far no rain in sight! We expect round 22°C

1- Swimming:

2 laps in the Röcksee. There will be 3 yellow buoys marking the triangular course. You swim from the start directly to the right, furthest yellow buoy. All buoys are passed so that they are on your left! This is followed by the second yellow buoy, the third directly in front of the start and from there you start the second lap. After passing the second yellow buoy on lap 2, swim directly towards the exit.

There will be standup paddlers to accompany you.

We expect the water temperature to be around 18-20 degrees, the lake is maximum 3m deep! We are in the warmest and driest part of Austria! The lake had already 20°C this year!
Wetsuits are allowed. Depending on the temperature, we might shorten the distance.

2-bike course:

The bike course is the same as in the past years, it is marked with yellow signs at a height of approx. 1.5m (signs and mileage every 5km) and is not closed to traffic! The road traffic regulations apply


You leave the race centre towards the B69, follow the B69 to Gosdorf and then complete 2 laps before returning to the Röcksee.

You have to follow the STVO! (= Road Traffic Regulation)

You must keep to your (right) lane!

The route is secured at critical points by police and staff of the organisation (yellow warning vests with "Organisation"), despite all this, the STVO applies!

We will have vehicles on the bike course to accompany you - including a rescue car! Should you have a breakdown and need transport back, we will help you.

We will check the road condition before the event, on the day before and on the day of the race (the road is generally in a very good condition!). Road damage is still possible - please drive accordingly, attentive and with foresight! The road operator assumes no liability for the condition of the road!

Drafting is forbidden - we can only appeal to you to keep to it. It's up to you - we only have 200 people at the start (in three waves).

Please be aware that we use less frequented routes. This has exactly this advantage - few vehicles. But also the disadvantage that you are not necessarily "expected", even if the event is announced in the community. Unobservant traffic participants are therefore possible and unavoidable for us!

When you return to the Röcksee from the B69, overtaking is absolutely forbidden from the bend to the transition area (approx. 300m)! (Sanction: disqualification - as well as for irregularities on the bike course). You drive on the right side of the road, according to STVO!

Please complete the bike course in such a way that you are careful and considerate and take care of yourself - and others!

3- Run:

Leave the transition area in the direction of the campsite (east), continue along the lake and then follow the R2 to the wooden and concrete bridge. There you turn right to the Murturm and back to the lake.

At the end of the lake you go to LEFT onto the dam, and you go along until you come back to R2. This eliminates the encounter with the returning cyclists!

You follow the R2 to the Ship Mill (in fact to the bog oak) and then you will run the same distance back.

Run through the transition zone (no matter which lane) and complete the same lap again. The finish line is on the peninsula, under the Raiffeisen arch.

The whole running course is marked with pink signs (every 2km and direction signs) at about hip height::


For your choice of shoes: 1/3 of the total running distance goes over meadow/forest ground or possibly soft ground. The rest runs on asphalt.

4- Aid stations

We have one water station on the bike course. On the running course there is water, Coke, bananas, cereal bars. The experience of recent years and the pleasant temperatures (approx. 22°C) mean that we are reducing the refreshment stations to 2 (in the race centre)

At the finish there is chicken soup and homemade cake from Gasthaus Röck (both much sought-after) - and a good "whistle" of beer for relaxation!

Please have a close look on the race announcement:

And all those who have not yet paid 95 euros for the event, please do so asap. By the way, you have to pay a deposit of 30 euros and a rental fee of 5 euros for the chip.